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Sometimes you can experience difficulties downloading depending on several factors. Here are some tips to help:


  • Your web browser might be causing some problems. I always try to use Safari when downloading directly on my ipad because its Apple's default browser, but you can find which browser works best for you. Google Chrome or Firefox are other ones you can try.


  • Be sure all your tech is updated.


  • If your files wont save directly on your ipad, try saving them to your preferred file cloud like Drive or ICloud for example. Then you can access your personal cloud storage and download directly to your ipad.


  • Make sure you have enough space on your ipad. You may need to clear your cache, delete photos or unused apps from your device. Also check your deleted photos folder. Often your photos will sit here for approx 30 days prior to full deletion so they still take up space on your ipad.


  • Make sure you are connected to strong wifi or network signal.

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