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Developing Creativity and Drawing Skills: Creating Quick Sketch Photo Mashups in Procreate

Do you remember looking at clouds and seeing shapes of dragons or elephants parade through the sky? We will harness your natural creative ability by learning to develop your creative eye by identifying the basic shapes of everyday objects in your environment, taking photos of them, and turning them into something new through simple, quick sketches using Procreate.

These skills will help you identify the basic shapes needed to draw and to find inspiration in your everyday life. The fact that the sketches are quick, means we wont get lost in detail or perfection, and your projects will be clean, quick and simple.

This class is is perfect for beginners to advanced artists who are new to procreate. Your lessons will be kept at an introductory level but I will be throwing in more advanced tips and tricks as well.

By the end of this class, you will know:

  • The basics of the creative process

  • How to source reference images

  • Basic drawing techniques

  • How to identify, draw and put together basic shapes to form simple illustrations

  • How to find inspiration in your everyday surroundings

  • How to push through creative block

  • Basic features of Procreate so you can continue your creativity, independently.

We will be using a smart phone to take photos and procreate app and pencil to draw. But you can also follow along by printing your own photos and drawing on them with pencil and markers. You can be a beginner in drawing and a beginner user in Procreate.

I use these exercises to get creativity flowing instead of staring at a blank screen. Its also my go to warm up exercise, before I begin creating coloring book pages. Once you learn this skill you will never un-see the creative possibilities around you!

Our lessons will focus on something as "everyday" as Lamp Posts and you will turn them into 3 new objects. There's a few examples below, but we will create something new) Through this process we will explore basic tools on Procreate and I'll be sure to introduce you to more advanced shortcuts as well. We will be using photo adjustments, layers, pen tool, selection tool and more. After this class you will know your way around the basic features of Procreate so you can continue your creativity independently. These quick sketches with help you identify the basic shapes that form complex objects and shapes, and then draw them. This is the foundation for finding the inspiration in the everyday and turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

If you'd like to learn more, I'm waiting for you in class beginning May 31, 2021, and you can begin anytime and learn at your own pace with bite sized lessons. You can join me here so you wont miss out:

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